My process is highly intuitive. I typically begin with doodles and sketches that evolve into a formal drawing. From there it may turn into a maquette or get right into building, it depends on the project.
Andrew Marsh is a master artist specializing in elaborate welded and cast metal sculpture and high-performance artworks. He has exhibited and performed throughout North America and Europe and served as a principle metal fabricator for the world's most unusual City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. Marsh completed his BFA at the University of Kentucky in 1995 with Jack Gron and his MFA at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2001 with Tom Gipe. He currently serves as Assistant Director for…
My work is about the relationship between parts and the whole; pattern recognition and the structures that begin to emerge upon examination of these patterns.
Professor Brian Thompson graduated from The University of Newcastle UK in 1975 with an MFA in Sculpture. He has been awarded numerous prizes including: the Norwich School of Art Fellowship, the Pernod prize and the Peter Stuyvesant Art prize. His work has been disseminated through exhibitions and lectures in Europe, USA and Asia including; The Condition of Sculpture, Hayward Gallery London; The Paris Biennale; The British Art Show; Sculpture Trails Museum, Indiana; the House of the Artist Moscow…
Caro Burberry was classically trained at The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture in the United Kingdom.
My memories of life, along with influences and imagination, have generated my creative expressions. During my childhood I began to develop an interest in visual productions through my drawings.
Dave Caudill creates artworks for public, corporate and private collections. His larger works are found at Louisiana's Rip Van Winkle Gardens, East Tennessee's Horizon Center Park, the University of Kentucky's Singletary Center for the Arts and the University of Louisville School of Music. Corporate collections include the Brown-Forman Corporation and Fire King International. Individual collectors across America have acquired his work.
Dusty Folwarczny is an object maker. Raised in Winfield, Missouri just north of St. Louis she grew up on a large plot of land surrounded by a lake, hills, and woods; providing an early connection with nature and organic forms. She was often found playing in the mud or going on adventures through the woods.
The sculpture along the paths at Sculpture Trails, Migration, is about the broader notion of what it means literally - to move, resettle, relocate, immigrate, emigrate, to wander, to drift, to rove.
Garrett Krueger was born and raised in La Crosse, WI. The lush natural beauty of the Mississippi Valley, combined with the industrial, blue-collar factories of the La Crosse area had a great affect on his imagery.
Gerard Masse, born in Massachusetts and raised in Indiana, received his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Kentucky in 2001 and taught sculpture at UK for 6 years following graduation. He has been a member of the Ironbridge Open Air Museum of Steel Sculpture's Furnace Crew in Coalbrookdale, England for the past seven years. Gerry is also the founder of Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum located in Solsberry, Indiana. His studio is at Toolstroke Studios in Lexington, Kentucky where he is…
Jack Gron was born in the steel-producing town of Steubenville, Ohio in 1951. He received a BFA degree in Sculpture from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio in 1973. Jack attended Washington University in St. Louis where he earned an MFA degree in Sculpture in 1976.
James Wade a visual artist who was born in Columbus, IN, and currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky. He has worked and shown nationally and internationally, exhibiting works in Bolivia, Italy, and England. Wade’s sculpture and drawings focus on a sense of place, incorporating narrative and the vernacular landscape. Ideas such as tooling, mapping, boundaries, architecture and the horizon figure strongly in his work.
Jimmy Ogonga is a Kenyan multi-media artist of international caliber. Born in 1977 in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, Ogonga taught himself fine arts by drawing portraits. Often his subjects were political figures whose stories and activities were exposed to him while growing up in East Africa.
Katerina Nissa Sanerib uses a variety of materials to explore the human condition. Each piece or series equates to a visual fable.
Keith Spears grew up in Louisville, Kentucky riding the tail end of the punk rock invasion of the seventies. The musical influences tainted with sociopolitical themes spilled over into the majority of his assemblage art.
Kim or "Kimmer" Adler as his friends call, was a master blacksmith and metalworker. He could make metal flow like liquid with intricate turns and rolls as demonstrated by his piece "Untitled" located at Sculpture Trails. Kimmer developed his style and technique while he apprenticed under distinguished sculptor Albert Paley. In 1996, Kimmer received his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Kentucky. Shortly thereafter, he lost his battle with cancer and passed away. We are very privileged to…
The current body of work explores my realizations of relationships between certain aspects of Americana and Fine Art. Particularly I am interested in the American sub-cultures of hot rodding (more so vehicular adornment as seen on TV shows like “Orange County Choppers”, “Pimp My Ride”, etc.), contemporary graffiti writing (more so “Burners” than simple tags), and the experience of urban civilization/environment; which I would call street art.
Michael Maxson is an artist/sculptor residing in Lexington, Kentucky. He earned a BA degree in Architecture in 1990 and an MFA degree in Sculpture in 1997, both from the University of Kentucky. "Micky" and his wife, artists Stacey Chinn, own theAtelier, a business and workshop, located in downtown Lexington, that specializes in custom architectural metalwork and sculpture.
Sculptor Mikey Johnson has shown his work in USA as well as England. His sculptures are cast Aluminum, Iron and fabricated steel. His work notes the struggles and successes of his efforts to continue making sculpture and raising a family.
Born in 1946 I am of the post Second World War generation. I suspect this fact has influenced the course of my life, in so much as the post war climate afforded individuals with my background to receive a better education than could otherwise have been expected. It allowed me to realize my ambition to be a sculptor.
Richard Rome is a british artist who graduated from St. Albans School of Art and completed post-graduate work at Chelsea School of Art in 1966.
Rick Batten is an American artist born in Pennsylvania who spent his developing years in Florida. There he studied many technical skills that included material fabrication, aviation maintenance, and metal foundry. The skills he developed proved invaluable in his career as an artist.
Roy Kitchin was born at Peterborough in the Fen Country of southeast Anglia, UK. In 1936 his family moved to Birmingham, the heart of the industrial West Midlands, where he attended school until the age of 14.
Ryan was born and grew up in rural Northern Indiana. He attended the Herron School of Art to receive his Bachelor’s Degree, followed by attending the University of Kentucky and receiving a Master’s Degree.
Gloria Stein said, "Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel like I should be doing something else." I feel that way about making art. My work gives me great satisfaction. It's a compulsion and I am obliged to give in.
Kolok is a versatile sculptor whose work intrigues the public, enhances the garden or graces the home. His extensive experience with liturgical commissions has expanded into the healthcare field, though he is also sought by the private individual with an eye for the unique.
William Vannerson is a sheet metal sculptor from Pensacola, FL and recently completed his graduate studies at the University of Kansas. He was introduced to welded steel, as well as cast iron, sculpture by Charles Hook at Florida State University.