Andrew Marsh - Louisville, Kentucky

Andrew Marsh is a master artist specializing in elaborate welded and cast metal sculpture and high-performance artworks. He has exhibited and performed throughout North America and Europe and served as a principle metal fabricator for the world's most unusual City Museum in St. Louis, Missouri. Marsh completed his BFA at the University of Kentucky in 1995 with Jack Gron and his MFA at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville in 2001 with Tom Gipe. He currently serves as Assistant Director for the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research at the University of Louisville and makes sculpture at his home studio, Lucky 7 Arts.

Behind the Tobacco Barn stands Devil's Night Ironworks, his fully functional iron foundry, performance art stage, and sculptural monstrosity. The twisting masses of steel evoke both industrial curiosity and primordial delight whether idol or ablaze. The Ironworks fuses art, ritual, and industry to celebrate the wonder and power of creation, and is really fun to climb! His metalwork offers a rich tapestry of textures, patterns, and forms that counterpoint the natural landscape. This installation is the first along the Sculpture Trails route, and serves as the genesis for more artworks to come. Andrew has continued to work the site surrounding the Ironworks, carving trails and staircases into the hillside to extend the fun of his sculptures into the park. Look for more earthwork on his hillside amphitheater and a Devil's Night Ironworks performance in 2012!

After crossing The Chasm, viewers will find Marsh's contribution to the 2010 International Cast Iron Exhibition located at Coyote Rock. His "Flyin' Iron: the evil leaves" is a swirling, twisted network of hand bent, welded steel bars featuring an iron centerpiece cast at the Sculpture Trails' Red Barn Foundry. The manic line work of Flyin' Iron lets the massive piece of iron float in the air. Andrew says the fun of this piece is like looking at clouds, adding, "It's always changing. Everyone who looks at it sees something different, something important to them. That's the coolest!"

Inspired by the many wild rose bushes at the Trails, Andrew made his very own version for the 2011 International Cast Iron Exhibition. Formed of welded stainless steel and cast iron, "Forrest Rose" was built entirely at the Red Barn Foundry. Marsh carved wood molds with his chainsaw in pieces of a fallen tree removed from Coyote Rock for the 2010 iron show. When the molds were finished, he and the family of Trails artists poured iron into them during the 2011 July Cast Iron Workshop. This iron performance, "Withered Spine", featured Andrew and the crew dancing amidst the flames and playing with fire, but this work offers a sobering nod to the balance between overwhelming desire and chronic pain, creations in effigy, and discovery through loss. One of the castings from this performance forms the iron "flower" atop the thorny, leafy stainless stem of "Forrest Rose".