Brian Thompson - North Yorkshire, England

Professor Brian Thompson graduated from The University of Newcastle UK in 1975 with an MFA in Sculpture. He has been awarded numerous prizes including: the Norwich School of Art Fellowship, the Pernod prize and the Peter Stuyvesant Art prize. His work has been disseminated through exhibitions and lectures in Europe, USA and Asia including; The Condition of Sculpture, Hayward Gallery London; The Paris Biennale; The British Art Show; Sculpture Trails Museum, Indiana; the House of the Artist Moscow and the Guandong Museum of Art, China. He is a pioneer of practice-based doctorates in Art & Design being director of studies of one of the first PhD completions in Sculpture in 1992. He is Associate Dean for Research, Resources and External Engagement at the University of Sunderland.

Research Interests:

His work brings together two themes: invention in the craft of sculpture with new approaches to engagement with landscape.

He is interested in how journeys inspire and explore, how places get known and named over time, how paths get worn, compress and build up over many generations and how rivers shape themselves as they find their way to the sea. The sculptures serve as diaries, records, memories, souvenirs or trophies – celebrations to share of experiences of particular places in our landscape.

These “sculptural” journeys show the topography of the world, reveal something of the culture and histories of places and give insights into how we come to know, understand and navigate our world.