Caro Burberry - Buckinghamshire, England

Caro Burberry was classically trained at The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture in the United Kingdom. She now creates her art at her Worcestershire studio and in the USA, holding an annual Open Studio exhibition to showcase the year’s work.

“My sculpture is fundamentally about life. I am inspired by nature, belief and belonging and a sense of the ethereal in our natural world.

I like the structure and texture of my chosen primary material to be evident in the final piece, whether it starts its life in clay or polystyrene.

I work with polystyrene because of its perceived ethereal qualities, its sense of weightlessness and light. I challenge myself to retain this sense of lightness and radiance when the sculpture is cast in iron, which is traditionally a very solid, heavy-looking material.

When modeling with nuggets of clay I aim to capture light and shadow and the visual history of a sculpture’s creation, always aiming for rhythm, harmony and a timeless quality in the final piece.

Whether my primary material is polystyrene or clay my focus and methodology is always the same: to strip away all unnecessary diversions and refine the form to fully reveal its essence or ‘soul’.”