Clifton Cox - Lexington, Kentucky

My memories of life, along with influences and imagination, have generated my creative expressions. During my childhood I began to develop an interest in visual productions through my drawings. My father's military background fascinated me and led me to explore images of soldiers, tanks, and other military icons. These images later lead me to study the human figure and began my search for an explanation of abstract ideas and forms.

As I grew, strong support and encouragement from my family gave me the strength to endure many physical and athletic demands. These challenges, molded by confidence and work ethic, contributed and influenced my study of art. These things have molded my creative expressions. These qualities have helped me achieve success in every facet of my life.

Visual memories of my life are the core of my expressions. Images and objects relating to experiences have directed my creative studies. Emotional and physical releases have helped me explore the ideas of shape and form in 3-Dimensional space and 2-Dimensional imagery.