Rrika Strecker - Lexington, Kentucky

"I make functional and sculptural objects which attempt to direct attention toward the cycle of nature, especially in plant life, that are parallel to the cycles in which we participate. I choose iron because it is chemically essential to all life forms and has been central to the development of human cultures. I do not attempt to replicate nature, but rather to interpret my sensation by alluding to the essence of the natural sources. I emphasize and find beauty in the metal's contrasting physical qualities; delicate and structural, geometric and organic, highly textured and smooth."- Erika Strecker

The sculpture along the paths at Sculpture Trails, Migration, is about the broader notion of what it means literally - to move, resettle, relocate, immigrate, emigrate, to wander, to drift, to rove. Migration impacts humankind and creatures; what propels us to move, to change? Ericka's piece deals with the cycles and changes that propel animals, of all kinds, to move from one region or habitat to another. Migration is ultimately about the traces and records left behind what marks the journey or transformation.