Gerard Masse - Solsberry, Indiana

"My obligation as an artist is to reflect the life around me, recording moments within my culture and my space."

Gerard Masse, born in Massachusetts and raised in Indiana, received his MFA in Sculpture from the University of Kentucky in 2001 and taught sculpture at UK for 6 years following graduation. He has been a member of the Ironbridge Open Air Museum of Steel Sculpture's Furnace Crew in Coalbrookdale, England for the past seven years. Gerry is also the founder of Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum located in Solsberry, Indiana. His studio is at Toolstroke Studios in Lexington, Kentucky where he is currently employed.

"The artwork I produce is inspired from life. I use my drawings as a tool to help me break down for to its basic elements. Recreating the drawings in real space produces a visual story in the round. Speaking through form." Gerard Masse - Sculptor