Jimmy Ogonga - Nairobi, Kenya

Jimmy Ogonga is a Kenyan multi-media artist of international caliber. Born in 1977 in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, Ogonga taught himself fine arts by drawing portraits. Often his subjects were political figures whose stories and activities were exposed to him while growing up in East Africa. One of his missions is recreating African heroes through art. He has traveled to many countries exhibiting in Africa, North America and European art galleries. Ogonga started his sculptural works in the 1990's and ten years later many of the collectors of his work have been drawn to his curved-wood and welded-metallic images. In 2001, Ogonga founded the non-profit organization, Nairobi Arts Trust.

Jimmy Ogonga came to the United States as Artist in Residence at the University of Kentucky in mid August 2003 courtesy of the Ruth Hunt Foundation. Ogonga spent four months in Lexington, Kentucky producing artworks for a solo exhibition at UK's Tuska Gallery in December 2003, including his piece Unfinished Business that can be seen here at Sculpture Trails.