Keith Spears - Louisville, Kentucky

Keith Spears grew up in Louisville, Kentucky riding the tail end of the punk rock invasion of the seventies. The musical influences tainted with sociopolitical themes spilled over into the majority of his assemblage art. Keith gives himself a break once in a while from his cultural commentary type of art by making abstract stainless steel sculptures - his version of going fishing peace of mind.

When not making art, Keith works with the band Arsenic on the Rocks, running audio samples between the lyrics, as well as video projections during live shows. He is also the rhythm guitarist for the Murders, who are currently working on a new studio album to be released around Halloween 2007. dECIBEL 451 has been the project that encompasses all of Keith's skills. dB 451 is a performance based group featuring Keith's rewired power equipment for use as noise making musical instruments. The performances take place in an installation-like

environment and involve walls of ear shattering noise, fire and unpredictable audience participation.

Keith currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky where he has a sculpture studio downtown at 426 Plunkett Street. He dreams of one day owning a dog.