Pam Brown - Sunderland, England

Born in 1946 I am of the post Second World War generation. I suspect this fact has influenced the course of my life, in so much as the post war climate afforded individuals with my background to receive a better education than could otherwise have been expected. It allowed me to realize my ambition to be a sculptor. I had the good fortune to be studying for my degree during the heady 1960’s. A time of tremendous energy and drive, coupled with a sense of optimism and a generous helping of anarchy. A time when everything and anything seemed possible, including the enormous excitement of Space Exploration. Almost from the beginning my sculptural and two-dimensional printing practices have concerned themselves with the element of space in both the conceptual and formal senses, often in relationship to objects within landscape.

This interest spilled over into becoming Assistant to and Organizer of large open-air exhibitions for the sculptor, Roy Kitchin. This in turn evolved into becoming the Co-Founder and Director of the Ironbridge Open Air Museum of Steel Sculpture at Coalbrookdale in Shropshire, England. It is in this capacity that I met with Gerry and Lisa Masse and saw the birth of the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum. I take no small measure of pride in having both my and Roy Kitchin’s work represented in their Collection. As a direct result of this association I now have the opportunity to further develop my practice by embracing the change in scale offered by the rich and varied landscape of the USA.