Ryan Goff - Shelby County, Kentucky

“My work is an exploration of form and function. I am an artist and a craftsman. My pieces range from pure art to sculptural furnishings, from objects to environments. I hold myself to no boundaries, I choose to let my creativity live and grow as its own entity.

Within my art, my aesthetic revolves around the laws of nature, the spiritual truths which lie within, and how we as humans interact with these forces.

Within my sculptural furnishings I focus on applying form to functionality. The end result is a unique and personalized piece which offers function from a fresh perspective.”

Ryan was born and grew up in rural Northern Indiana. He attended the Herron School of Art to receive his Bachelor’s Degree, followed by attending the University of Kentucky and receiving a Master’s Degree. Both degrees were focused on sculpture. After traveling abroad, Ryan moved to the mountains of North Carolina and apprenticed under a master woodworker for 5 years. Today, he resides in Kentucky with his family and continues to create work, both for the public and private commissions.