Support the Internship Program

Dear Community members,

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum continues to help improve our community through art education and the installation of new sculptures every year through our Cast Iron Sculpture Workshop. We have been doing so for over 15 years! We have held a 30-day cast iron sculpture workshop for the last 8 years with tremendous support not only from our local community but from other international and national communities. The Artists and interns that help us run the workshops come from the north, south, east, western states as well as Canada and England. They love sharing with our community members where they are from and what it’s like to live there.

The interns are the folks that support our community the most. Their passion to work with our children and community members is absolutely amazing. They love teaching them about the Arts and at the end of the month they display their new sculptures to our community for us to enjoy after they are gone.

It is very apparent to us that these interns are the blood, sweat and tears of our Museum. Their sacrifice for all these years has been a priceless benefit to our community. It is past time for us to give back to this group. We need to help them as much as we can so that they can continue to enrich our community’s growth every year. The best way to help them is with food! We need to feed these interns and keep their cost down for the time they volunteer in Solsberry.

The Board of Directors would like to ask for your help in supporting the interns with or a small donation. They are all students with very little money, in fact we have had interns sell their cars, or donate plasma each year just so they have enough money for food and some have quit their jobs just so they have the time to volunteer in July. We are truly humbled at the level of sacrifice that they are willing to give to our community, we hope that you find it in your heart to help them for the 2018 cast iron sculpture workshops. It costs each Intern on average $500 for food and materials and we have 20 interns to feed!

Thank you for your support
Gerard Masse
Founding Director
Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum

Support the Internship Program

Interns need on average $500 for food and materials in July.